14 Jul 2017

The project with the most votes will receive a cash prize to go towards their project as well as the opportunity to have their work showcased on national television!

Most people know that there are species all over the world that are under threat, but not everyone might realise that species here in the UK need our help too. One of the biggest threats facing species in the UK is habitat loss and fragmentation, so we want to make a network of safe spaces for wildlife so that they can move through our communities and find everything they need to thrive. 


Wildlife Connections creates safe spaces for our precious local wildlife. The work we’ve been able to do with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund has meant we’ve so far trained over 80 local Wildlife Champions who are creating new habitats with their community at schools and other community spaces. We’ve also helped a local community group build their dream wildlife garden in the heart of Chester; we’ve celebrated UK wildlife at a festival in our nature reserve and we’ve linked up with local experts to provide masterclasses and networking opportunities so that new connections between community groups and conservation organisations can be made. 

These new connections for wildlife and people will make a real difference in the lives of our threatened species and for local communities. Thank you to everyone who’s joined our campaign so far.

Winning the prestigious National Lottery Award and having our work showcased on national television would certainly be an honour, so please vote so that we can share our Wildlife Connections campaign far and wide and get even more people involved.