2 Nov 2015

Following on from the blog update we shared with you from HUTAN’s Dr Marc Ancrenaz, we have another post from our project partners – this time we’d like to introduce you to Dr Isabelle Lackman, co-director of the project alongside Marc.

Isabelle Lackman stood in front of Asian elephantsIsabelle Lackman

Together with HUTAN we are working to protect the population of orangutans in the Sabah State of Borneo. This area is home to one of the largest orangutan populations in Malaysia. HUTAN are on the frontline of the fight to protect the forest ecosystem and the many species that exist within them.

Birds eye view of the Kinabatangan river in Malaysian Borneo

Kinabatangan river in Malaysian Borneo. Photo credit: HUTAN

Hutan have also been carrying out research in their study sites in Sabah to gain a better understanding of how orangutans are adapting to the increase in oil palm plantations and the new landscapes they are creating as a result. Read more, here.