13 Dec 2011

The theme of the exhibit revolves around the relationship between the cattle ranchers and the jaguar.

It will focus heavily on tales of human/wildlife conflict and the conservation measures being used to mitigate against it (rather than the ancient beliefs of the Arara tribes and their spiritual relationship with the jaguar, as was the previous theme).

Inside, there will be a cowboy’s ‘bunk house’ with a veranda for guests to sit on and various items of cowboy paraphernalia.

A number of trees and plants native to South America will be brought in from a special nursery in Holland and a theatre, set inside a cattle ranch, will showcase our field conservation work in Brazil.

To complete this transformation, we’re giving the exhibit a new name and that’s where you come in. We want you to help us come up with it.

With a nice prize for the winner, this is a great opportunity to write your name into Chester Zoo history and come up with an evocative new title for our exciting new jaguar exhibit!

Please visit our Facebook or Twitter sites, find the thread that relates to the naming competition and send your suggestions to us by 5pm on Friday 16 December 2011.

Get naming and good luck!

Please note: this naming competition is also open to all Chester Zoo staff.