£150 per person, over 18s only

We’re offering you an exciting chance to join our zoo gardening team for the day.

Take the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating array of exotic plants and shrubs around the world. Dig in with our horticultural experts and learn how to grow and care for colourful species.

Plus if you keep your eyes and ears open while you’re working in our gardens, you’re certain to also catch a glimpse of the rare, fascinating and in many cases incredibly rare animals which make up our award-winning zoo family.

Through our Gardener for a Day scheme you’ll get chance to explore our 125 acres of gardens, learn about some of the world’s most rare plants and discover fascinating facts you didn’t know about much-loved common flowers and trees.

Our gardens include some truly exotic planting, themed areas tied in with our animal habitats. For example, in the new Islands zone, thousands of shrubs and trees have been planted to try and recreate a bit of South East Asia in the Cheshire countryside. In the massive Monsoon Forest, Durian fruit, coconut palms and bananas provide a lush habitat for tropical birds, crocodiles and orangutans.



  • You’ll be working alongside our qualified, highly skilled and enthusiastic gardeners
  • Work behind-the-scenes in our glasshouses, where our skilled team of botanists look after five plant collections of national importance, including carnivorous pitcher plants, cactus and South American orchids
  • You’ll also spend half a day outside with the team (including in one of our animal houses)
  • Time in the nursery caring for our specialist collection of tender plants.

The exciting day makes a great treat for yourself, or a perfect gift and truly unforgettable experience for a green fingered family member or friend.

These special days are held on Wednesdays from April to October from 8am to 4pm. Tea breaks and lunches are included and you’ll get a signed commemorative certificate and small gift as a souvenir of your day.

We’re a global conservation charity and all funds raised through this scheme supports our vital conservation work in the zoo, across the UK and in over 30 countries around the world.


Call us on 01244 650261 for all bookings and enquiries.

Just so you know, you need to chose a specific date at the time of booking.