IUCN Red List status:

Least Concern

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Caribbean flamingos have shocking pink feathers which are the most colourful of all flamingo species.

Flamingos live in big flocks and live for around 30 years. Their iconic pink feathers are made waterproof by a preen gland which releases an oil. The colouration of their feathers comes from the tiny plants and invertebrates they eat!

Flamingos are monogamous birds, usually laying only one egg per year, In the breeding season
you will see them strutting together, flashing their heads from left to right, or saluting each other by
standing still like statues, heads high in the air and enormous wings open wide.

The drainage of Caribbean flamingos habitat and the creation of salt pans has had an impact on the population of this species. Habitat loss due to land reclamation for development and holiday resorts in some areas is also a threat to these flamingos.

Caribbean flamingos have a 150 cm wingspan!
There are 6 different species of flamingo!
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