Monkeying around

Let’s get things straight... you’re never too old to have FUN! So, get ready to PLAY!

And why walk to see the animals when you could hop, skip or jump? Walk like an elephant, leap like a lemur or balance like a gibbon? There’s fun to be had all around the zoo and we want you to PLAY! on the way!

We have lots of play areas around the zoo including our brand new Treetop Challenge adventure course, and mega popular Madagascar PLAY! space - there's sooooooo much to discover!

Don't forget to check out our PLAY! dates to see all the fun to be had with our fantastic Zoo Ranger team.

Adults can join in the fun too of course, and you're never too old to have your face painted! If you are struggling to remember how to play… ask your nearest child for help!

Find the play areas on our map