Zoofari Monorail

No visit to Chester Zoo is complete without a ride on our Zoofari Monorail. Her Majesty The Queen even took a trip on it when she visited in 2012!

The carriages take wheelchairs too (although not electric scooters), and give you a wonderful view of our animals, habitats and gardens to help guide you around.

Each ticket takes you from one station to the next. (No round trips, sorry.) But you can always get off and just get another ticket to go again. Here's what you'll see.

Find our monorail stations on our map


  • Adults £2.25
  • Children (aged 3-17) £1.75
  • Infants age 2 & under are FREE

Or choose an all-day monorail pass
You can add an all-day monorail pass to your order when booking your admission tickets online. It gives unlimited journeys for only £4 for an adult and £3 for a child 3-15 years (infants age 2 & under are FREE).

What you'll see

You can go from the Tsavo station to Jubilee Square station – taking in the black rhinos, Tsavo bird aviary, roan antelope, Grevy’s zebras, capybaras, tapirs, bats bridge, and the lions.

Or go from Jubilee Square station past the binturong, Fun Ark, Europe on the Edge Aviary, the giant otters, penguins, flamingos, lemurs, onagers, camels, greater one-horned rhino, Philippine spotted deer, and Asian elephants, and then back to Tsavo station (phew!).