There’s so much to explore at Chester Zoo no matter the weather. We’re here to help you make the most of your visit with our TOP FIVE INDOOR ANIMAL HABITATS you have to see! Make magical memories this winter!


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Our adventure begins before you’ve even reached the admission lanes! Our Elephant House is not just home to our magnificent Asian elephant herd, but also to a pair of beautiful hornbills, a family of energetic Swinhoe’s squirrels and a large Asian aquarium! This indoor space can often be missed so be sure to drop by!

Exciting extra: Take a walk over to Islands and venture into the dense jungles of Monsoon Forest! Explore its rare plants and see our family of Sumatran orangutans.

Stroll over Elephant Bridge and take a left where you can immerse yourself in a tropical adventure with the Butterfly Journey walkthrough. Get up close and personal with our free-flying butterfly collection!

Journey through the Tropical Realm. Let the soothing sounds of the waterfall and beautiful birdsong wash over you while you discover colourful reptiles, amphibians and free-flying birds.

Latin America is one of the most exotic parts of the world and we want to show you the extraordinary wildlife that can be found there! Make your way to the Spirit of the Jaguar where you’ll have the chance to come face to face with our incredible jaguar, observe the gentle behaviour of the two-toed sloth and discover the underwater habitat of the Amazon!

PLUS: If you love our sloths, capybara or giant anteaters, we have the perfect experience for two! Book your Latin American Adventure today.

Take a short walk to our immersive Indonesia habitat, Realm of the Red Ape! You’ll find our beautiful Bornean orangutans and cheeky gibbons swinging high up in the forest treetops, as well as the world’s longest snake in this tropical habitat.

If you’re feeling hungry, or in need of somewhere cosy to warm up, why not stop off at our unique traditional pub, The Oakfield, located in the heart of Chester Zoo. Enjoy a delicious lunch, or a festive drink next to the fire. Members get 10% off!

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Some other exciting indoor spaces to enjoy along the way…

Do you dare visit the Fruit Bat Forest?! Take the opportunity to plunge into darkness and feel the air as bats whoosh past you overhead.

PLUS: Book a Fruit Bat Experience to discover more about these fascinating nocturnal creatures. You’ll hand-feed our fruit bats their favourite meal, while our expert keeper shares some incredible bat-based knowledge with you.

If you’d love to see a real life dragon, pop into our Dragons in Danger immersive space. Here you’ll find one of the world’s fiercest hunters, the Komodo dragon!

Explore The Aquarium, our underwater habitat! From seahorses, brittle starfish, Omani blind fish and pipefish, to anemone and clownfish, we have some of the most interesting and endangered fish.

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