You are an ELEPHANT

You are an elephant! Elephants have a great memory and are magnificent animals. They might be huge but elephants are usually very calm and gentle giants. They live in big family groups – who is the leader of your herd?

You are a PENGUIN

You are a penguin! Penguins are fantastic and fast swimmers. They’re amazing parents and work together to hunt for food and feed their chicks. Can you duck and dive to catch a slippery fish like a penguin?

You are a LION

You are a lion! Some lions are born leaders and live in a close-knit pride with their family. They are strong and have the loudest roar of any big cat – it can be heard 5 miles away! Let me hear you roar!

You are an ORANGUTAN

You are an orangutan! Orangutans are very clever. They can be cheeky but also shy sometimes too. They’re very relaxed and like to just chill with their friends and family.  Can you swing like an orangutan?

You are a MEERKAT

You are a meerkat! Meerkats are very curious and always want to know what’s going on. They’re team players and look out for the rest of the family, but do like to play tricks too. Are you good at pulling pranks?

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