CPD & EDUCATOR training sessions

Develop a conservation curriculum for your learners with our CPD and Educator Training opportunities


This session is a great way to introduce school staff to our conservation campaigns, additional learning resources, and ideas for how teachers can develop their own cross-curricular projects for all year groups. It can be booked as a one off session and is ideal for inset days and staff training. You can also book this session in conjunction with any of our curriculum linked activities at school, in the zoo and virtually.

Our Conservation Kickstarter sessions are designed for primary and secondary settings to introduce the conservation issues that are at the heart of Chester Zoo’s conservation campaign work and could be at the heart of your school curriculum.

This session is ideal for inset days and staff training. We can focus on one or all of the campaign topics, sharing resources, background, and ideas allowing time for staff to ask questions, discuss and work together to create and develop their own cross-curricular projects for one or all year groups giving your students the opportunity to be a voice for change about real world issues.

Conservation Kickstarters can also be booked in conjunction with our curriculum linked student workshops in school, in the zoo and virtually to support staff in the integration of student workshops with the school curriculum.


To book or find out more about our educator training, please get in touch with our team by calling us on 01244 650205 or 01244 389444, or you can email your enquiry to learning@chesterzoo.org


Palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil, it’s in 50% of the products on supermarket shelves from our food to our cleaning products.  85% is grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, its efficient to produce and versatile to use but its production is destroying rainforest, affecting local people and threatening many species.   But by switching to sustainable palm oil we can all make a big difference.  Through our Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge, learners will begin to understand the direct impact of their own decisions for wildlife across the world.



35,000 species are legally protected by trade law, but the illegal wildlife trade remains one of the greatest threats to wildlife today.  It is the 4th most lucrative international crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking and is happening right here in the UK as well as online or overseas.  There are a few simple things that we can all do to address this issue. Connecting learners to the wildlife affected by illegal wildlife trade, such as endangered Indonesian songbirds, elephants and sun bears, they will gain a real understanding of a global issue and how they can help.


The 2019 State of Nature reports reveals that the decline in UK wildlife is not slowing down.  This decline is seen across the board of animal and plant groups.  41% of species studied had declined in abundance in the UK, since 1970.  However 26% of the species studied had increased in abundance, so there is hope.  But immediate action is required.  This is a great way to experience conservation on our doorsteps. There are so many things that we can all do to make a difference and experience the benefits of our actions like building hedgehog homes, putting up bat boxes to planting wildflowers. Through this UK focused campaign, your learners will see real differences made to wildlife through actions they take.

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