Our outreach projects are the perfect way to get a whole school involved in a conservation initiative and really make the most of a trip to the zoo. Through a series of workshops and a zoo visit we can introduce your learners to one of our key conservation campaigns. We will introduce the topic to your learners and empower them to take action to protect wildlife and our planet.

Our experts will support you every step of the way, delivering a teacher kickstarter session, workshops for each participating class in school and in the zoo and providing all the resources you need to take learning across the curriculum.

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The delivery offer includes:

  • A virtual Kickstarter meeting to introduce the school staff to the project, additional FREE learning resources that we have on offer, and ideas for how the teachers can make this a cross-curricular project for all year groups.
  • 3 x Conservation Educator led interactive workshops in the school setting for each class
  • Free entrance for participating classes to Chester Zoo including teaching and activities led by the education team.

Projects can be arranged to take place across several days in one week, over the course of a few weeks or even a whole term, dependant on availability.


A fully virtual version of some of our projects can also be delivered. A virtual project still includes all of the resources and ongoing support, as well as sessions one to three, all delivered virtually via video link. It can be a great way to connect with us if you are outside of our catchment area or where a visit to the zoo might not be possible.


The project is priced based on the number of classes that participate. Prices include all workshops led by zoo staff, resources and zoo admission for pupils and adults at standard supervising ratios. Any transport costs to get to the zoo are not included. Other discounts, such as memberships or free visit tickets, cannot be applied.

*Max 33 per class  First Class*  Additional Classes  Virtual Only
First Class* 
Virtual Only
Additional Classes 
Autumn/Spring Term  £625  £425  £270  £150 
Summer Term  £695  £495  £270  £150 

Our workshops are based on four very important conservation campaigns to PREVENT EXTINCTION!

Illegal Wildlife Trade

All over Indonesia forests are falling silent as the songbirds that once lived there are threatened with extinction. Students explore this problem through looking at rainforest habitats and culture. They will also learn about UK native birds and how they can help them.

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Wildlife Connections

This project is all about protecting and connecting the habitats of native wildlife in our country. Students will learn about native species in the UK, why their habitats are so important to protect, and what we can all do to help them.

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Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge

The unsustainable production of palm oil is one of the biggest threats to the forests of Borneo and Sumatra. This project explores the impact that palm oil is having on the fascinating rainforest creatures that live there, and how we can help by using sustainable palm oil. Students will learn about rainforest animals, different cultures, food production as well as how to be sustainable when shopping.

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Climate and Sustainability Project

Empowering young people to make a difference for the environment is vital for our planet’s future! This BRAND NEW interactive project is aimed at secondary students. They’ll learn what climate change is, why it’s still happening and how our everyday choices can make a significant impact.

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We have a huge range of resources to help with teaching and learning!

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