At the zoo

Length of workshop 45 minutes

Out in the deep forests of Indonesia, nefarious POACHER Montgomery Fairweather has been hunting rare and threatened animals!

His campsite holds the answer to stopping him once and for all… but it’s not going to be easy… he knows you’re there. Crack the clues before time runs out and help save Indonesia’s most endangered animals.

In this immersive escape room experience, we’ll explore the dark world of the illegal wildlife trade, learn about the work of zoos to combat this, and discover how Chester Zoo is preventing extinction.

Our conservation escape room is the perfect way for groups to discover more about conservation whilst solving puzzles and working collaboratively.

Due to the experiential nature of the conservation escape room it’s suitable for a maximum of 15 learners at any one time.

Age group: Upper KS2 and KS3 (Recommended years 6-8)
Escape room duration: 45 minutes (inclusive of briefing)
Escape room capacity: 15 pupils (minimum of 6 pupils)
Cost: £45

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