At the zoo

Length of workshop 50 minutes

In this immersive walking tour workshop we’ll explore the Madagascan ecosystem, investigating the native species of plants and animals.

We’ll discover the wild and wonderful adaptations that give these endemic species their uniqueness. And explore the interconnectedness of living things and the roles within this amazing ecosystem.

Let’s go on an adventure to the Tropical Realm where students will set up camp in the rainforest ecosystem. This will be a fantastic opportunity for pupils to engage in biodiversity surveys and ecological monitoring. These fun activities have been designed to provide students with a researching experience, replicating techniques that are carried out within many of the zoo’s in-situ and ex-situ projects.
Better pack those binoculars!

Age group: KS3
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: £45


Note: This tour takes place in the Madagascar and Tropical Realm areas of Chester Zoo, so you may wish to explore other areas of the Zoo before your workshop. Please note that whilst this is our intended route, we may offer an alternative route due to animals being off-show, temporary animal house closures or extreme weather.



  • Locational knowledge.
  • Interactions and interdependencies.
  • Methods of identifying species and measuring distribution, frequency and abundance of species within a habitat.
  • Positive and negative human interactions with ecosystems.


  • The importance of biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem.
  • Animal/plant adaptations.
  • Relationships in an ecosystem: how organisms affect, and are affected by, their environment.