At the zoo

Length of workshop 50 minutes

This walking tour workshop will explore species in the zoo which form interesting evolution case studies.

Dependent on location, we’ll look at the common ancestor of mammal carnivores, or the common ancestor of marsupials, and discuss how through allopatric speciation we now have the many and varied species that have evolved from them today.

We will also see other species in this area of the zoo and use these to consider directional, disruptive and stabilising selection types.

This workshop takes place either in Chester Zoo’s “Islands” zone, or around our lion, giraffe and Tropical Realm habitats. Our staff will advise which is logistically best for your plan for the day, but please let our team know at the time of booking if you have a preference.

Please note: This workshop takes place outdoors, so ensure your students are dressed for all possible weather.

Age group: Post 16
Duration: 50 minutes
Capacity: 20 students
Cost: £45



  • Science


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