At the zoo

Length of workshop 90 mins

Join us for an exciting opportunity for your students to understand the complexities of feeding zoo animals to ensure animal health is optimised.

In this 90 minute workshop, we explore the methods in which we optimise our animals’ health through feeding and nutrition. With a dedicated team and our specialist nutritionist, we recognise the importance of a high quality nutrition and balanced diet.

This activity packed workshop encourages students to engage with real-life scenarios giving a true feel for the role of our nutritionist.

We cover a variety of topics using our own case studies, current projects and research including: measuring and managing nutrition; deficiencies and supplementation; and wellbeing and nutrition.

Age group: 16+
Duration: 90 minutes
Capacity: 25 pupils
Workshop price: £90



  • City & Guilds: Unit 128 Assist with feeding and watering animals Level 2
  • City & Guilds: Unit 202 Undertake Practical Animal Feeding
  • BTEC Level 3: Unit 304 Animal Feeding and Nutrition
  • BTEC Level 3: Unit 312 Animal Training Level 1