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We will never forget

EEHV is a deadly virus that affects young elephants globally.

Now it's time to ACT FOR ELEPHANTS.

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We can all make a difference to endangered elephants.

Only 18 months ago, the global search for a cure for EEHV seemed a difficult task. However, with thanks to research funded by your overwhelming generosity, we now have renewed hope. Although we still are not able to grow the virus in a lab, we have already discovered new avenues of medical science based on proteins produced by both the virus and the elephant’s immune system.

Your support is helping us to move towards developing, testing and validating an effective vaccine. Until and when this vaccine is found, we will also need to establish the best ways of providing long term treatment, both in zoos and the wild (e.g. whether a single inoculation will work for life or whether boosters will be needed).

Join the fight now to support invaluable research and help us put a stop to this devastating virus.

  • £5 buys 10 swabs which we use to take saliva samples from elephants in EEHV research
  • £25 covers one weekly test for an elephant calf to check for the virus 
  • £1500 provides anti-viral medicine to treat one elephant with EEHV for one day (one elephant is likely to need anti-viral medicine for at least 1-2 weeks!)

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Donate now, or download your fundraising pack and get started today. It's full of ele-fantastic ideas and tips that will help you join the fight against EEHV and fundraise for us. You can find our fundraising FAQs here too.

Or join us in 2019 for our very own sponsored walk around the zoo to raise money for the Never Forget campaign. Find out more here.