Book Zoo Keeper for a Day

(Full day experience, 8am - 5pm. Over 18s only)

Call the Primate Team today on 01244 650 261 for all bookings and enquiries.

It is essential that a specific date and section is chosen at the time of booking.

The price is £250-£280 per person.

Choose your animal section

Aquarium, Reptiles and Amphibians - Price: £250
Including Komodo dragons, poison-dart frogs, Galapagos tortoises, rhinoceros iguanas, lots of snakes, seahorses, clownfish, corals, mudskippers and the Butterfly House.

Ever wanted to learn how to train a Komodo dragon? See how our keepers breed critically endangered reptiles and amphibians? Or maybe you want to be able to say you’ve had seahorses feeding out of your hand? Then spending a day with our Reptile and Aquarium team would be a dream come true. Our keepers will show you what it takes to make our most diverse department feel right at home here at Chester Zoo!

Carnivores | Sold out for 2018 | Price: £280
Including Sumatran tigers, Asiatic lions, jaguars, giant otters, bush dogs, cheetahs, painted dogs, sun bears and spectacled bears.

Giraffes | Sold out for 2018 | Price: £280
Including giraffes, camels, red river hogs, congo buffalo, Philippine Spotted deer, pudus, onagers, babirusa, Asian short-clawed otters, and Brazilian & Malayan tapirs. You can check availability for our other giraffe encounter day here.

Rhinos | Price: £250
Including black rhinos, Greater one horned rhinos, Grevy's zebras, banteng, anoa, warthogs and several type of deer and antelope (Eastern Bongo, Sitatunga, Brow-antlered deer and dik-dik).

Twilight | Sold out for 2018 | Price: £280
Including two-toed sloths, Rodrigues fruit bat, sebas fruit bats, meerkats, red pandas, porcupines, capybaras, giant anteaters, aardvarks, warty pigs, sengi, tenrecs, porcupines, naked mole rats and other rodents.

Birds | Price: £250
Including Humboldt's penguins, condors, cranes, pelicans, tropical birds, birds of prey, blue-throated Macaw, red-tailed Amazon, Ecuadorian Amazon, yellow-backed chattering lory, flamingos and many more.

Elephants | Sold out for 2018 | Price: £280

Working with one of the largest herds of Asian elephants in Europe. Check availability for our other elephant encounter day here.

Primates |  Sold out for 2018 | Price: £280

Including chimps, orangutans and several monkey species.

Bookings and Enquiries

Call the Primate Team on 01244 650 261 for all bookings and enquiries. 

It is essential that a specific date and section is chosen at the time of booking. 

Spaces are limited and demand is really high, so please bear with us as your call will be answered as soon as possible.

*Vouchers for 2019 will be available to book from 8am on 1 November 2018.