Junior Members

If you are aged 8 years and over when you become a junior member you can access a variety of additional events at a small extra cost.

We have a programme of activities created exclusively for our Junior Members! All events are stand-alone so you won’t miss out if you can’t make one...

Each month there’s a different activity and something to inspire Junior Members to get involved with Chester Zoo, connect with wildlife or help prevent extinction.

For example you could get hands on with the Zoo Ranger team to design habitats for our species, make enrichment for our keepers to use with our animals or help us celebrate World Oceans Day.

You can now book events on Saturday 16 February, Saturday 16 March (on the same day as Members day), Saturday 13 April, Thursday 30 May and Saturday 8 June.

Please follow the links below to book onto a session.

As well as this events programme we also run Junior Rangers Training Camps for members aged 8-11. Find out more here.

Events for Junior Members