The Secret Life of the Zoo 11/08/2016

About our new arrivals

A combination of factors, including detailed planning, highly knowledgeable keepers, great infrastructure, a compressive animal nutrition plan, top husbandry techniques and scientific insight to back it all up, all contribute to the breeding successes here at Chester Zoo.

Here's a handful of some of the most recent new arrivals at the zoo.

One-week-old Eastern black rhino calf, Gabe

Rhino calf born

Chester Zoo is now home to ten Eastern black rhinos following the birth of male calf Gabe last month.

But why is this birth so special and why are we part of a black rhino breeding programme? Find out more on our Act for Wildlife blog here.

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First ever tuatara born outside of New Zealand

A unique tuatara – a species believed to have pre-dated the dinosaurs having been on the planet more than 225 million years – has hatched here at Chester Zoo.

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Tiger cubs at Chester Zoo

Top 10 zoo babies of 2015

We saw a whole host of animal births in 2015 - including some of the world's rarest species. Here's our list of the top 10 animal births last year.

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Our latest new arrivals