An interview with Dr Gerardo Garcia

I bet if you asked any member of Chester Zoo staff they would all tell you their job is extremely diverse; no two days are the same here which makes it such a great place to work!

The animal and horticulture teams here have a variety of skills and knowledge to look after the many different types of wildlife.

We’ve asked our curator of invertebrates and lower vertebrates, Dr Gerardo Garcia, to tell us a bit more about his team and the unique animals they care for at the zoo which includes our reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. And seeing as love is still in the air following Valentine’s Day, we also asked Gerardo to highlight a few of his unsung heroes – the animals he wants you to love just as much as him! 

The team not only care for the animals you can see in the zoo, there are also a number of species they’re working with behind the scenes which are part of vital conservation breeding programmes and scientific research for our field work.

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