Meet Our Team


How long you have worked at the zoo? 7 years

What animals do you look after? All the animals on the carnivore section but mostly the Andean bears 

Any interesting facts about you? In 2015 I took three flights and hiked for three hours up a mountain in the Andes in 40°C heat to see the world’s most elusive bear, the Andean bear. I saw five in total so it was worth it.

Why did you become a keeper? I have always wanted to be a zookeeper. I can’t remember wanting to do anything else although I would love to be a Disney animator if this doesn’t work out.

What’s your favourite animal and why? It is well known around the zoo that my favourite animal is the Andean bear. They are like working with giant puppies but not as cuddly and they never fail to make me smile. Not many people know that I also love camels.

Have you visited any of our conservation projects abroad? I visited Andean bear conservation Peru in January 2015. We have given grants to this project to enable them to buy trap cameras so they can carry out vital research on the Andean bear in the wild. Whilst I was there I visited the different sites where they researchers observe the bears, fitted some trap cameras and collected date on bear behaviour and sign. 

I wrote a blog about my trip on our Act for Wildlife site here.