The Secret Life of the Zoo 11/02/2016

Our work with the Philippine cockatoo

The Philippines is home to hundreds of incredible animals and plants that are found nowhere else – it is recognised as one of the most diverse wildlife areas in the world!

We have been working in this part of the world for a number of years helping to protect the many different species found here, including the Philippine cockatoo. Like many of the wildlife found here, this beautiful bird is at threat as its forest home is being destroyed.

We have been working in this part of the world, alongside our partners, to help save this bird and increase their population numbers. It’s been so successful in some areas that their numbers have increased greatly!

The Philippine cockatoo is now a mascot for local celebrations and parades and local communities help with the programme; those who used to poach the cockatoo now work to protect them.

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Philippine cockatoo mascot
Philippine cockatoo mascot. Photo credit: Peter Widmann Katala Foundation Inc