Welcome to East Africa!

Wander the wild plains of East Africa and you’ll discover some of the world’s most iconic wild animals, including giraffes, cheetahs, black rhinos and zebras.

East Africa is home to a diverse range of ecosystems, TEEMING with wild and wonderful animals. As well as the classic image of sun-drenched grasslands dotted with acacia trees, you’ll also find VAST lakes, mountains covered in lush forests, and rainforests full of    mysterious    creatures. It’s a truly stunning part of the world which plays host to many critically endangered species, who we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to protect.

From the MAJESTIC Rothschild’s giraffe, to the sleek and speedy cheetah, a visit to Chester Zoo lets you adventure through the wild plains of East Africa!

Our work with the black rhino in East Africa is a perfect example of our ‘One Plan’ and highly collaborative approach to conservation science. Black rhinos are critically endangered, and have been since 1996. Our team of keepers and scientists work with scholars and practitioners around the world to improve reproduction rates and increase population levels of this AMAZING animal.


We’re conducting pioneering research in Uganda to further understand the little-known pangolin. Pangolins are elusive and cryptic creatures, who are under enormous threat from hunting. Through innovative camera trapping and world-first geotagging, the work our experts are carrying out is making huge progress in protecting pangolins from extinction.


Our Giraffe Experience offers you the chance to get closer than ever before with the TALLEST land animals. You’ll feed the giraffes a tasty meal of willow branches, leaving you with incredible memories that will last a lifetime!


Have you ever wondered what role you’d play in a painted dog pack? Or wanted to create your very own ultra-colourful rhino? We have LOADS of fun games, quizzes and downloadable art packs to keep you busy for hours and hours!


There’s no better way of directly supporting our animals and the conservation work we do in East Africa than adopting an animal. You’ll get an exclusive adoption pack, and your name will be displayed on a THANK YOU plaque by their habitat!