Welcome to Madagascar!

Madagascar passport stamp

A truly unique island 88 million years in the making, Madagascar is a biodiverse melting pot of animals and plants that can be found NOWHERE ELSE on earth.

Located in the Indian Ocean 250 miles off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is famous for its unique range of wildlife. And when we say unique, we mean    UNIQUE    – over 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife isn’t found anywhere else in the world. From lush forests to arid deserts, a fascinating range of ecosystems are spread across this 228,000 square mile island.

With our playful troop of lemurs and mysterious cat-like fossa, you can get a taste of Madagascar right here at Chester Zoo.

Our project teams have been working closely with local communities to preserve Madagascar’s treasure trove of wild species. Since 2015 we’ve engaged with over 3,000 local conservationists in the protected ‘Mangabe’ area of Madagascar.


Everyone  LOVES lemurs!

There are over 100 SPECIES of lemurs living on Madagascar, and we’re lucky enough to play host to five of them here at the zoo. Lemurs are the oldest living primates in the WHOLE world, and Madagascar is the only place you’ll find them in the wild!

Book a ONCE IN A LIFETIME lemur experience and meet these cheeky critters on their own private island. You’ll bring them their lunch (a quick way to become best friends with a lemur!) then watch them leap through the trees above you.


Lemurs are expert acrobats – they’re able to jump distances of up to 30 FEET to traverse the dense forests of Madagascar, which is six times their body length. Test your own aerial skills with our fun Leaping Lemur game, and see if you can set a high score!


There’s no better way of directly supporting our animals and the conservation work we do in Madagascar than adopting a lemur. You’ll get an exclusive adoption pack, and your name will be displayed on a THANK YOU plaque by their habitat!