We’re proud to be helping to train the next generation of conservation scientists.


Over 40 PhD’s and fellows currently engage in doctoral and post-doctoral training with Chester Zoo. The research projects our Scholars and Fellow undertake are commissioned by the zoo with direct, applied impact for our mission of Preventing Extinction. Doctoral training is undertaken in partnership with over 10 different UK Universities and fellowship opportunities are generally directly with Chester Zoo and last for 2 years.

OUR Scholars and Fellows CAN EXPECT…

Our Scholars and Fellows actively engage with our animal collection and field project around the globe. They gain the experience of working on applied, conservation-oriented projects. They are mentored and trained by our internationally recognized experts and deliver evidence-based knowledge that can be used to influence and implement conservation action leading to demonstrable changes in conservation, welfare and/or husbandry practice. They gain access to networking events with peers and conservation professionals. And they have access to numerous opportunities to share their achievements through the media and science outreach events.


The aim is to train and empower future leaders who are successful in understanding how to link science and application. To achieve this, we offer targeted research opportunities which influence and inform species action plans, management and policy. The Programme also facilitates the establishment a network of conservation trail-blazers that are being trained to use science to find practical and effective solutions on real-world challenges. Overall, this will increase conservation capacity, enhancing our knowledge of the living world and inform conservation practice through the provision of vital evidence.