Here at Chester, we prioritise research that will have a positive impact on the living world, either directly through improved animal management or indirectly through the promotion of conservation action.

We welcome collaborations with PhD students and professional researchers and have conducted many successful projects with postgraduate training programmes.

We also provide opportunities for students studying undergraduate or masters degrees to conduct observational research on our range of animals and plants.

During the ongoing pandemic, we are receiving a high volume of enquiries from students requesting data or information for research projects or help with school, college or university assignments. Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to fulfil these requests. Students studying for qualifications up to Masters are only permitted to undertake animal observation only studies at Chester Zoo, and this opportunity will be reinstated when we can once again safely allow on site research. All other types of project cannot be accepted. Please refer to our Research FAQ here.

Thank you for your support. We hope soon to be able to work with you again.

Current research opportunities

Sorry, we don’t have any research opportunities right now.