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Our wider strategy for preventing extinction involves encouraging measures designed to reduce the global threats to biodiversity, presented by climate change and over exploitation of natural resources.

Central to this strategy, is demonstrating our own sustainability, in all of the zoo’s operations. We have set out the following ambitious sustainability goals for our zoo site and estate, for the next ten years:

  • Carbon net zero by 2030
  • Zero waste operation by 2030
  • Procurement of deforestation free commodities in all our major supply chains by 2030

An essential part of achieving these targets, includes engaging our visitors and transforming all of our operations to meet the needs of our future consumers. We’ve made significant changes in our supply chains to remove single use plastics and increase efficiency in transportation of goods.


We’re also improving infrastructure by installing electric car charging pods, generating our own renewable power and designing building projects that have sustainability at their heart – reusing materials.

From water saving devices installed in visitor toilets, to smart meters, energy efficient led lighting and high efficiency boilers – we have invested heavily in our operations, but we know we must do more.

We’re undertaking a process of measuring all carbon and waste, whilst developing a strategic approach to their reduction. We’re playing an active role in Cheshire West and Chester’s response to the climate crisis and developing other partnerships that will accelerate our progress.

Our procurement procedures will be transformed, and high profile campaigns such as the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities project are now being rolled out nationwide, to find solutions relating to other sustainable commodities.

We will redesign our products and services to ensure they meet our sustainability criteria by asking ourselves ‘how would nature do it?’. We aim to develop new initiatives that will make it possible for every aspect of a zoo visit to be sustainable, and hope to inspire our visitors as well as our wider community, to adapt to more sustainable consumer behaviours in their everyday lives.

In 2021, we’re excited to engage and educate our visitors through our ‘Love it for Longer’ campaign – a sustainability spectacular! This campaign will ask our visitors, partners and suppliers to support us in achieving a zero waste future.

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