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We can make a big difference in protecting wildlife by tackling the issue of unsustainable palm oil production.

Forest habitats are being lost, animals are losing their homes and carbon is being released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

We’re working with partners all over the world to promote sustainable palm oil production but we can ALL do something to make a difference.

Facts about Palm Oil
species are impacted globally by unsustainable palm oil production
4.5 million
rely on the production of palm oil for their income
of palm oil brought into the UK is now sustainable


The exploitation of South East Asian rainforests to create palm oil has caused widespread destruction on our planet. Deforestation has put some of our world’s most precious species at risk, like tigers and orangutans, among countless others.


Palm oil is a commonly-used vegetable oil, which is used in thousands of household products. Palm oil is everywhere in our lives, from food items to cleaning materials and cosmetics. Chester zoo’s challenge was to ensure that they obtain palm oil from entirely sustainable sources, and to support the ethical production of it – making Chester the world’s first sustainable palm oil city.


Chester Zoo managed to obtain pledges of over 50 businesses within the city of Chester; including restaurants, schools and manufacturers from across the city of Chester, all of whom were united to help tackle the unsustainable palm oil crisis.

The organisations involved have removed unsustainable products from their supply chains, switching to sustainable alternatives and have made time-bound pledges to use only 100% sustainable palm oil products.


Chester Zoo has been at the forefront of change, making Chester the world’s first sustainable palm oil city.

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