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In order to achieve our mission of preventing extinction, it’s essential that we address the global threat to biodiversity presented by climate change, waste and the overexploitation of natural resources. That’s why we’re taking action on sustainability at Chester Zoo.

As part of our Conservation Masterplan we set three sustainability targets as an organisation, for our zoo site and wider estate to be:

Carbon net zero BY 2030

Achieve a net zero carbon target by 2030 with specific focus around travel, energy and construction.

Zero waste operation

Working towards zero waste across all zoo operations (reducing, reusing and recycling all resources).

Deforestation-free COMMODITIES

Develop a strategy to achieve 100% deforestation free commodities within our own supply chain.

We aim to be a leader in sustainable attractions, creating a framework for reducing the environmental impact of visitor attractions on the environment. We also aspire to work with partners to collaborate on solutions that enable the sector to develop more sustainable ways of operating.

Over the next decade, we’ll be transforming our operations to achieve these targets so watch out for solar PV and heat pump installations, more EV charging facilities, more plant-based menu options, and new waste facilities!

We’ll also use our position as a major conservation charity to influence positive change in policy to enable our transformation, to promote sustainable tourism and to change the behaviour of consumers and industry.


We’re facing a global climate crisis, which is also contributing to the global nature emergency.

We’re working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as an organisation to achieve carbon net zero by 2030. We already have some measures in place including installations of solar photovoltaics (PV) and electric vehicle charging points.

We’ll be expanding this work over the next decade and beyond to decarbonise our operations. This will include expanding our use of key interventions including:

  • solar PV
  • heat pump technology
  • electric vehicles
  • low carbon building materials and techniques
  • tree planting and soil health
  • working with our suppliers to reduce the carbon impact of the products we buy


Around the world, more and more waste is being generated and leading to significant environmental impacts and pollution.

At Chester Zoo, we’re taking action on the waste we generate and working towards zero waste across our zoo operations. This will involve new waste management facilities, improved segregation of waste and adopting the principles of a circular economy to reduce waste on site.

Deforestation-free commodities

Up to 80% of global forest loss and land conversion is attributable to the production of agricultural commodities and forestry products demanded by consumers. These products include:

  • palm oil
  • cocoa
  • coffee
  • soya
  • timber
  • rubber
  • cattle

We’re working to understand what products we us at the zoo that could be at risk of contributing to deforestation and working with our suppliers to ensure we only buy deforestation-free products in our major supply chains.

Our work on deforestation-free commodities will build upon the success of our work on Sustainable Palm Oil. As part of this, we’ll be working to influence our suppliers and international policy to address the issue.

Sustainable palm oil

We’re taking action to address the deforestation, loss of biodiversity and greenhouse gas emissions which result from the unsustainable production of palm oil.

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Sustainability in food and beverage

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today and the Food & Beverage team are conscious that every little effort counts. Sustainability is a key driver for making decisions within Food & Beverage at Chester Zoo.

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Our conservation masterplan

Our Conservation Masterplan aims to make a significant contribution to tackling the global extinction crisis by 2031.

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