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Special event 23/08/2017

Story Moves: Animals of Madagascar

23rd & 24th August

Delve into Madagascar in some interactive story telling at the zoo.

Shows at 11am, 12noon, 2pm and 3pm at Basecamp, Play!

The explorer, goblin scientist and Storyteller Professor Jigget are coming to Chester Zoo equipped with… well a story of course! And to be more specific, a story about the animals of Madagascar. But this is not like any other story you’ve ever heard before! Oh no, in this story you (yes YOU) will have to MOVE and SOUND like the animals! That’s right; you must jump like a lemur, shake like an aye-aye and sing the song of the mythical Kalanoro. So complete your stretches and your vocal warm ups, it’s time for the adventurous, nonsensical, fantastical Story Moves – Animals of Madagascar. 

Suitable for all the family. 
Approximately 20 minutes in length. 
Shows are free to attend, normal zoo admission applies

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