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10 06/10/2010

Going, Going, Gone!

Chester Zoo’s rhinos Ecko and Splodge were sold at auction alongside 51 other rhinos for the city’s Rhino Mania event - all of whom have been displayed across the city this summer.

Ecko, designed by American entrepreneur Marc Ecko and painted by Mike Snowdon, went for £2100, closely followed by Splodge who was painted by artist Janet Fishwick, at £2000.

The star of the night was the baby rhino Rehema (pictured here), who was painted by the children of Mugie Primary School, Laikpia, Kenya.  With a guide price of £500, Rehema was sold for an impressive £1800. 

Overall the auction raised approximately £100,000 with some of the proceeds coming directly to the zoo’s Black Rhino Conservation Programme.  This money will help support the charity’s projects in Tanzania and Kenya.



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