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11 22/11/2010

Baby Giraffe Named

Chester Zoo’s latest arrival has helped to name her counterparts which are endangered in the wild.

The zoo’s Rothschild giraffe calf, born on November 1, has been given the name Tula after a competition to name her polled 356 votes. Coming a close second with just one vote in it was Zafi.

However, zoo fans who voted for Zafi are in for a treat. The names Zafi and third-place Aisha will be given to Rothschild giraffe calves born in Kenya and discovered as part of a Chester Zoo-funded research project. Zafi and Aisha were discovered in Kenya just days after Tula was born at Chester Zoo.

More than 1,000 people voted in the competition to pick the best of five names chosen by the zoo’s giraffe team, led by team leader Belinda Porter.



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