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03 08/03/2011

Fundraising Success for Ape Campaign

To raise money for the EAZA Ape Campaign, on February 19th a group of Chester Zoo enthusiasts held a special event that has to-date raised almost one thousand pounds towards the conservation of apes and their habitats.

Organised by Stuart Robinson and David Round alongside Chester Zoo’s Curator of Mammals Tim Rowlands, Primate Team Leader Andrew Lenihan and Dr. Nick Davis, the zoo’s specialist in applied animal behaviour and animal welfare, participants were given unique access to the zoo’s world-leading primate exhibits.

They included a tour of the off-show facilities within Realm of the Red Ape, the vast home to Chester’s group of Sumatran and Bornean orangutans, Monkey Islands and the zoo’s new callitrichid breeding facility.

“We’d all like to thank Chester Zoo and its staff who so kindly donated their facilities and time so that we could all enjoy a fantastic day and raise money for such a good cause,” said Stuart Robinson. “Chester Zoo’s willingness to embrace our fund-raising ideas sets a precedent that we hope all other zoos will follow during this and future campaigns.”

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