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05 16/05/2011

Zoo Webcams Zoom in on the Penguins

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be able to keep watch of their adopted penguin Acorn at the click of a button, thanks to our new penguin cams.

Baby Acorn first shot to fame earlier this month after being given to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as an unusual wedding gift. And now, two webcams will stream live from the our impressive Penguin Island – home to Acorn, seven other youngsters and 39 adult Humboldt penguins – allowing anyone in the world to keep track of their progress.

One camera will give close-up views of the penguins nesting and feeding on the pebble beach, while an underwater cam will also show them swimming.

And viewers should soon be able to spot Acorn and a number of other young penguins who were all born in April.

Keeper, Karen Neech, said:

“In around two months time, Acorn and the other newborns will have developed their waterproof feathers and will learn how to swim in our penguin nursery pool.

“As soon as they’ve found their confidence, they’ll then make the step-up into the big, adult pool.

“In the meantime, people can watch their parents diving for fish on a daily basis.

“It’s a great spectacle and we hope the webcam will encourage people to come along to the zoo to see the penguins for themselves; find out more about them and the threats facing their relatives in the wild.”

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