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10 13/10/2014

Welcome our baby white-faced saki monkey

A six-week old white-faced saki monkey hitches a ride with mum Tabiti.

Keepers say the wide-eyed youngster is doing well and describe Tabiti as a ‘great mum’ and dad Kwinti as a ‘protective dad.’

White-faced saki monkeys are found in tropical rainforests in parts of South America.

White-face saki monkey

Saki monkey facts

  • The white-faced saki monkey comes from South America and is native to Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela and Bolivia
  • They live in trees in moist lowlands, rainforests and swamp forests
  • Males and females differ considerably. Adult males have black fur with a striking white face. Females are a flecked brown with only a narrow white stripe on their face
  • Little is known about the species’ behaviour in the wild as they are shy and very fast-moving
  • White-faced saki monkeys have been recorded jumping up to 10m. For this reason, local people sometimes refer to them as ‘flying monkeys’
  • A single youngster is born after a gestation period of around 170 days
  • Chester Zoo’s new monkey arrival was born on Sept 2. It’s too early to tell the babies sex and therefore name it
White-face saki monkey at Chester Zoo
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