Join us for the MANE event!

Something ROOOOARSOME is happening at the zoo!

We’ve opened a BRAND NEW habitat for our pride of endangered Asiatic lions, giving our visitors the opportunity to see these incredible animals like never before!

You’ll be transported to the dry forest and savannah habitats of Gir National Park in India; the only place in the world where Asiatic lions can still be found!

Become a lion expert by taking part in our programme of events and activities* to find out what makes these BIG cats so impressive – from their hunting techniques and behaviours to their incredible characteristics.


On top of that, you can also get involved with our interactive games and discover how our zoo experts are working to save the species from extinction, as you explore this expansive new habitat.

So, bring your pride to see ours for a rooooooarsome treat this October half term.

Watch our video to

preview the experience…

Find out all you need to know about creating a habitat FIT FOR A KING (and his queens) from our Project Manager, Christine!

Watch our video to get a behind-the-scenes look into the design process of this state-of-the-art habitat, built specially to accommodate our pride of Asiatic lions…


This brand new habitat specially created for our Asiatic lions will spans 4,790 square metres. These developments are part of our ongoing long-term strategic development plans for the future.

Discover the NEW lions habitat

Discover more about this AMAZING animal before your visit to see them at Chester Zoo!

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Get involved with our programme of events and activities to find out what makes these big cats so impressive!

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