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Visiting early? Begin your day in Bembe Kitchen for a freshly prepared sausage and bacon breakfast bagel. If you’re feeling really hungry, try our delicious breakfast baguettes available until 11am every day.

Join us for lunch and enjoy a range of fresh, homemade meals from warming pies to a hearty lasagne. If you fancy something lighter we have a great selection of freshly prepared baguettes and paninis served all day with a locally sourced side salad. We also have a great selection for our younger guests to enjoy.
Fancy a treat?
We offer a wide selection of cakes and desserts from our fully stocked cake table within Bembe Kitchen or warm sugary donuts from our outside ‘Bembe Snacks’ bar.

Where can you find us?
Our Bembe Coffee Shop can be accessed just before the entrance gates, which makes it perfect for a lunchtime with a view! No time to visit the zoo? You can still  visit Bembe Kitchen to enjoy a few of the sights without fully entering the zoo: sit back and watch the elephants and rhinos rumble past, whilst enjoying our barista-crafted coffee, freshly made cakes and deliciously light snacks. 


Learn about sustainability in food and beverage at Chester Zoo


Fresh, organic home cooked meals
Barista coffee
‘On the go’ snack bar
Located at the main entrance
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Are there any benefits or discounts for members? 

There are countless AMAZING benefits of becoming a member with Chester Zoo! Our members get special discounts in our shops and cafes, unlimited entry, and some goodies along the way too. We even offer benefits with other zoos around the country, so you can be part of the Chester Zoo family even when you’re away from home. To find out more about the incredible benefits that Chester Zoo offers its members, simply read on!

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