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Named after the zoo’s founder, George Mottershead, this traditional Victorian style sweet shop has been inspired by the heritage of Chester Zoo and The Oakfield, once home to the Mottershead family.


George started out his career by owning and running his own store, serving the local community. So we wanted to pay homage to George by naming this shop after him.

With traditional sweets weighed out from large jars, alongside locally crafted chocolate and homemade fudge (lovingly made by our Chefs at The Oakfield), you’ll be transported to a bygone era in this ‘ode to Chester Zoo’ history experience. Keep popping in to see what’s new!

As our local producers begin to start work again, we’ll be busy working alongside them to bring you lots of new treats. Located opposite the new lawn area at The Oakfield – perfect to pop in when picnicking.