Our flamingo habitat has been transformed into an INCREDIBLE INTERACTIVE habitat space – a thriving, diverse Latin American walk through aviary which will allow you to walk side-by-side with some of South and Central America’s most colourful, spectacular bird species – and view them in full flight!

You’ll have the excitement of seeing our flamingo sharing their habitat with a flock of scarlet ibis and roseate spoonbills, two incredibly stunning and distinctive birds.

Built to reflect the wetland plains of Latin America, our EXTRAORDINARY new bird aviary offers an immersive walkthrough experience, where you can witness some of Latin America’s most precious bird species.

From flamingos, to saffron finchs to scarlet ibis, the new Latin American Wetland Aviary will be a truly unique habitat in the zoo. Learn all about these fantastic bird species, their origins, the threats they’re facing in the wild and the extensive community based projects we support to help prevent the extinction of endangered species in Latin America.

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