Join us this summer for our sustainability spectacular!

A completely utterly incredibly absolutely, gobsmackingly, amazing exhibition that is 100% TOTAL UTTER TRASH..

We will be turning the world of waste on its head. From plastic and technology to water and even POO! We’ll be revolutionising our rubbish and learning to…



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Our food zone will be a geodome made from wind damaged trees. There will be giant food sculptures and we’ll be asking people (including our own chefs) to share their top tips and creative ideas for reducing food waste.

Growing food puts lots and lots of pressure on the environment as wildlife habitats are often cleared to make space to grow food. We’re massive fans of only eating food that is certified as sustainably grown (i.e. palm oil) but another amazing way to help the environment is by only buying what you really need and NEVER wasting food.

The zoo has long championed consuming food which is certified only as sustainably grown, but its experts say another way to help the environment is through people only buying what they really need. Our team will be on hand throughout the exhibition to show you how to get the most out of food you might usually throw away and we’ll be giving some masterclasses on growing your own food in a sustainable way.

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Where junk goes to be reborn. Find all kinds of ways to turn your junk in to jewels, things that you’ll treasure for years to come. Upcycling, reimagining but most of all having fun.


We’ll show you a pooey transformation right before your very eyes. Ways to use animal waste and incredible ideas for how the smelly stuff can be loved for longer!


Ever thought about the importance of saving water? Well we’re celebrating all of the little steps we’ve taken to reduce the amount of water we use and to reuse waste water to help our wonderful collection of plants to grow.

Our fantastical sculpture will use rain water to make music. Our team will be there to share their tips and to inspire all of us to think of brand new ways to keep water moving to achieve the most incredible and beautiful things.

How was it made?


We’ve been saving up all of the plastic bottles we can find and have found some plastic bag off cuts from a factory up the road. We’ll be transforming these things in to a beautiful garden and we hope that you’ll help us to add to it as the summer goes on.

It’s always been our ambition to get rid of single use plastics and we’ve already removed more than two million items of plastic. But we’re not stopping there. We’re committed that this year we will remove all single use plastic from our site. Any other plastic that we just can’t avoid will be reused, repurposed or recycled.

We’ll be sharing ideas for plastic alternatives and also some quirky ideas about how to reuse the plastic that you already have.


We’ve created a massive maze of fabrics that would normally have been thrown away. Get lost amongst the thrown away fabric and figure out ways we can upcycle, relove second hand stuff and choose different materials that are much more recyclable. Good luck getting to the end.


We’ve all got unused computers, tablets, phones and game consoles lying around the house. But what can we do with them? Take a look inside our inflatable forest (made from old tents that have been thrown away) and you’ll be able to hop on to our exercise bikes and power up the old technology that we’ve found.

We’ll shine the lights on what you can do to love your technology for longer and dispose of it safely when you are done with it – so other people can make use of it too.

We’re passionate about this as we’ve seen first-hand the impact on wildlife of the mining that happens in order to find the precious metals that make all of our favourite gadgets. From repair workshops to swap shops and recycling – we’ll have all of the answers.


At Chester Zoo we’ve made a BIG commitment. We’re working to become a ZERO WASTE ZOO by   2030!

So, we’re looking at all of the waste we produce and we’re THINKING DIFFERENTLY about it. We’re REMOVING single use items from our supply chain, being SMARTER about what we buy and trying to figure out how we can LOVE EVERYTHING FOR LONGER,

We look forward to WELCOMING you safely to the zoo!
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