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After you’ve experienced the wonderful sights, sounds and smells on your expedition to Islands, where you feel immersed into the heart of South East Asia, you might fancy a taste explosion as part of your Chester Zoo experience!  Enjoy our tasty street food and other authentic South East Asian inspired dishes at Manado Street Kitchen, amongst other delicious delights! 


Check out the full menu below to see all of the delicious food on offer!




Manado Street Kitchen

We have a great outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your food in the sunshine – and if the weather does turn a little gloomy, don’t worry! Manado Street Kitchen has four spacious sheltered seating areas. Here, you can stay warm and dry, whatever the weather, whilst still enjoying the great atmosphere. 

Step into the hustle and bustle of Manado Street Kitchen, where you can find delicious dishes from around the world with a tasty street-food style twist. We can guarantee you won’t leave Manado Street Kitchen feeling hungry


Freshly cooked street food
Grab & Go snack bar
Outdoor dining
Located in the ‘Manado District’ on Islands

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