The Tropical Realm is home to hundreds of animals – from reptiles, amphibians and free flight birds.

Make sure you spend time looking all around you as you walk through this tropical environment. Soak up your surroundings – listen to the many different sounds around you; the running waterfall, the many beautiful songs of the birds. Explore each corner of this habitat as there’s plenty to find here.

Please note: Due to recent reports of avian influenza in the UK, some of our walkthrough aviaries are temporarily closed to ensure the safety of our animals. This includes Latin American Wetland, Tsavo, Bali and Sumatra aviaries. However, Tropical Realm (aside from planned closure from 30 January to 3 February) and Monsoon Forest will remain open with disinfectant footbaths at the entrance and exit. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The journey through the Tropical Realm continues further too – follow the signs towards the aye ayes. Take a moment to let your eyes adjust as you plunge into darkness and watch carefully to catch a glimpse of this unique-looking nocturnal species.