We’re facing a crisis. Beautiful, remarkable and rare birds are being captured and taken from their forest homes to be sold on markets as part of the illegal wildlife trade.

We won’t stand back and let these birds disappear forever but we desperately need your help.



What better way to raise awareness and vital funds to help save songbirds than by creating a song?  We joined forces with singer-songwriter Ashley Fayth to get everybody singing for songbirds. Download the track now for just 99p.
The catchy tune will help us raise more awareness of the threat facing songbirds and also help inspire the next generation of conservationists.

We want to hear this song being sung far and wide to stop beautiful songbirds from going extinct. Download it today for 99p with proceeds going to Act for Wildlife and our conservation work to save songbirds.



Beautiful and rare birds are being captured and trapped by local people in Indonesia to be used either in singing competitions or kept in cages as a status symbol. The below video highlights just how big the problem is and what these bird markets are like.

We need your help to save endangered species from extinction. Help us Sing for Songbirds.


How else can I help? 

By becoming a member with Chester Zoo, you can make a difference to these beautiful and rare birds. Our dedicated conservation team works tirelessly to PROTECT all our planet’s wonderful species, but we can’t do it alone. When you take out a membership with Chester Zoo, it allows us to carry on our conservation work here at the zoo, as well as all around the world! There are countless benefits to becoming a member with Chester Zoo – not only for our members, but for the animals too. 

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