Meet our animals

We have a whopping 11,000 animals at the zoo from 400 different species.

About half those species are on the threatened list. We’re one of the world’s leading centres for conservation, working in the UK and worldwide to help protect animals and plants from extinction.

We’re devoted to caring for own animals too, and are always looking for ways to make their lives even better. Our Animal Health Centre, for example, is decked out with the best possible facilities for the veterinary team.

As we learn more, we can do more to protect threatened species around the world. It’s incredibly important work. Not just because animals are lovely (although they are). But also because what happens to the wildlife affects everyone on Earth.

By looking after them, we’re looking after ourselves. We couldn’t do any of this without the support of visitors like you. So thank you.

Fancy being a zoo keeper for a day?

  • Mammals

    Mammals are air-breathing animals, characterised by having hair or fur. Females possess mammary glands for suckling their young.

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  • Birds

    There are over 1,000 birds at the zoo, from over 140 species. Nearly half of these are in danger of extinction in the wild.

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  • Reptiles

    Reptiles were around before the dinosaurs - over 340 million years ago. But humans are driving many towards extinction.

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  • Amphibians

    More than 400 million years ago, amphibians were the first creatures to venture onto land. And we're still discovering new species.

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  • Fish

    We know of at least 25,000 species of fish, with hundreds of new ones discovered each year. Even so, many are now threatened with extinction.

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  • Invertebrates

    It just means 'no back bone'. Did you know, more than 99% of Earth's species are invertebrates? And they may have been here for over a billion years!

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