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Chester Zoo support helps protect Ugandan National Park

Home to the densest primate population in Africa, Kibale National Park in Uganda is sadly being cut down for firewood. Threatened primates such as the chimpanzee and red colobus monkey, plus many other species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, are losing their homes.

Over 95% of the people living around Kibale rely exclusively on wood for cooking and heating – and this wood often came from the national park. That was the case until the Kibale Fuel Wood Project began. By working with local communities and educating them about preserving the national park, the number of families collecting wood from the national park has dropped from 30% to 11.5%, and that’s not all. The project is teaching the local communities to make and use fuel efficient stoves.

At the last survey, 50% of the families surveyed now use fuel efficient stoves which is an increase from 5% from the start of the project. On average, a family using a fuel efficient stove uses 3 kilograms less wood each day than those with traditional stoves.

On top of this, more and more families are also starting to plant their own firewood at home. Chester Zoo recently received these fantastic photos illustrating the work that the Kibale Fuel Wood Project is doing.

Kibale Fuel Wood Project - Chester Zoo

Kibale Fuel Wood Project with Chester Zoo

Photos © Goldstone & Stern for the New Nature Foundation