07 11/07/2012

Prestigious Award for Chester Zoo Supported Project

  • Africa

Inza Koné, project manager of a Chester Zoo-supported community-based conservation project in Tanoé Forest on West Africa’s Ivory Coast has won a prestigious Whitley Award for his work.

The 12,000 hectare Tanoé forest is home to at least three critically endangered subspecies of monkey; the Roloway guenon, the White-napped mangabey and Miss Waldron’s red colobus.

In fact, it is the only place where all three primates are thought to exist in the same area.

Poaching, logging and small-scale agricultural clearings are the main threats on the forest and in 2008, Inza led a successful campaign to protect the forest against proposals to convert 8,000 hectares of it into a palm oil plantation.

Inza Kone receiving award from HRA Princess Anne

Inza Kone receiving his award from HRA Princess Anne

The project also works to improve the welfare of local communities and build capacity for them to conduct routine conservation activities and implement development projects.

Chester Zoo has supported the Tanoé Forest project for the past five years via its French partner CEPA (Conservation des Espèces et des Populations Animales) and we are delighted that the Whitley Fund for Nature has recognised Inza’s achievements through this award.

Congratulations Inza!