09 04/09/2012

First Asiatic Black Bear in 10 years

One of our funded projects has seen the sighting of an Asiatic Black bear in China’s Laojunshan Reserve for the first time in 10 years.

Caught on camera, the bear seems to pose for the picture giving conservationists at the reserve - part of a Chester Zoo, Liverpool John Moores University and Sichuan Forestry Department project - plenty to smile about.

Asiatic Black Bear Sighting

We have been funding the project for 10 years, helping to protect and conserve the forest’s biodiversity. In 2002 there were reports of a young black bear near the top of the mountain but this is the first time one has been spotted since.

Our Head of Conservation and Research, Roger Wilkinson, and Simon Dowell from John Moores have just returned from China to see for themselves how our support is making a difference.

By sponsoring our China project on our Act for Wildlife website your donation could be helping with amazing discoveries like this one.