10 08/10/2012

Dormouse Survey

We've been out looking for dormice again, giving them a health check and recording the data. This time we took lots of photos and even had a short video created...

Dormice are a rare native species protected in the UK and Europe and we survey them in Denbighshire in north Wales and Cheshire as part of a joint project with our partners the Countryside Council for Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, Natural England, the Wildlife Trusts and North East Wales Biodiversity Partnership.

The project aims to deliver more effective dormouse conservation in the region and the data collected is providing important information on dormouse habitat use, life expectancy, population size and breeding behaviour.

The dormice at this Denbighshire site are doing very well because of woodland management by Forestry Commission Wales. The management is creating a diverse woodland with trees of different species and ages that provide lots of food and shelter for dormice.

With your support we can keep making sure that this species is monitored and keeping healthy in Cheshire and North Wales.