08 19/08/2013

World Orangutan Day – how a small deed can make a huge difference

Every day in the annual calendar seems to be dedicated to a particular cause or issue, with the hope to raise global awareness about the subject. Well today it’s the turn of one of our favourites – today is World Orangutan Day.

We’re joining in with conservation organisations around the world to help raise the profile of orangutans. But we don’t just want to raise awareness about the orangutan and its plight, we want you to act too!

To give you some background on why it’s so important to get involved I wanted to show you how a small action can have a huge impact in conservation.

Act for Wildlife team building bridges in Borneo. (C) HUTAN - Eddie Ahmad Back in 2011, I was part of a Chester Zoo team who acted for orangutans by travelling out to assist our project partners in Borneo who are building bridges for orangutans.We spent two weeks with the HUTAN-KOCP team and assisted with the construction of seven bridges in conditions of 35 °C, 90% humidity and a lot of leeches!

Image © HUTAN - Eddie Ahmad

After finding out about this project, in 2012, class Y3.5JW from Tanglin Trust School in Singapore acted for orangutans. They raised £2,000 by organising a Spellathon and donated the money straight to our Orangutan Project. Our partners in Borneo used the much-needed funds to purchase a new research boat which is vital to continue their day-to-day research activities around the wildlife sanctuary.


The orangutan research site is 20 minutes down river from the town of Sukau, so having a working and reliable boat is an essential piece of kit.

Just in time for World Orangutan Day, we received these photos of the HUTAN-KOCP team using their new boat which was purchased to allow them to continue their vital research.

I am Cat Barton, Assistant Conservation Officer at Chester Zoo, and I Act for Wildlife.



So now it’s 2013, what can you do for orangutans?

Here’s a few ways you can Act for Wildlife right now.