09 02/09/2013

Meet the experts at our wildlife talks

The island of Sumatra in Southeast Asia is home to the ‘Big Four’: rhinos, tigers, elephants and orangutans.

On Saturday 14th September, we’re proud to be hosting ‘Conserving the Big Four’ - a series of wildlife talks by experts working to save the species. With the main focus on orangutans, the talks will also include work we’ve supported in Southeast Asia and around the world on tigers, rhinos and elephants too.

You can’t get through a week without seeing a new story in the news about the destruction of rainforests in Southeast Asia and the impact that this is having on the amazing wildlife of the region. This region of the world is home to an amazing array of wildlife and includes many endemic species; those that are found in only this region.


Amongst the speakers is Dr Marc Ancrenaz - Co-Director of Hutan - Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (KOCP). Hutan are our Orangutan Project partners so this is a great opportunity to hear more about the work we support and why we need your help during 'Go Orange for Orangutans'.

Other speakers also include:

Prof Serge Wich - Professor in Primate Biology, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Ian Singleton - Director of Conservation, PanEco - Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)

Register today for ‘CONSERVING THE BIG FOUR’ on Saturday September 14th at Chester Zoo and Act for Orangutans!

Find more information on our other speakers here and book your tickets to attend the event.